Tuesday, October 29, 2013

iOS Mavericks is a disaster for test automation developers

iOS 7 first update was disaster for us test automation developers.

Thanks Apple for, yet again, showing us test automation developers and software QA people how little you care about quality and testing of 3rd party apps depending on mobile technology stability.

Appium - broken
Instruments - broken (why ask permissions EVERY SINGLE TIME?)

It's amazing how a single "dot" release disrupted (and not in a positive way) every single test automation framework other than whatever weak, inferior test automation software was attempted in XCode 5.0.1 and Mavericks.


  1. Agreed 100%. It's about time that Apple fully supports the community of software QA and Automation engineers. Apple needs to understand that the more mature the iOS platform becomes, the more companies need a rock solid automation platform for testing. If they are not going to release one themselves then they NEED to support projects like Appium.

  2. It's bad enough that Apple broke third party testing tools, but the fact that they broke their own testing tool is just plain embarassing.

    FYI, Appium was updated today to fix the simulator permissions issue on Mavericks.

  3. Thanks JWise and RyanT for the comments. I am downloading the updated Appium now.