Wednesday, October 30, 2013

iOS Mavericks and XCode 5.0.1 was Apple showing arrogance and dominance in the mobile app market

I am still amazed at how Apple has showed complete arrogance and disregard for it's developer base by releasing XCode 5.0.1 and Mavericks just a few weeks after iOS7/XCode 5.0 initial release with several major changes in the OS and testing/development tools that are not close to working the same way as with the previous release.

Apple should have just waited (and not released 3 weeks ago) and called last week's OS upgrade Mavericks 7.0 and XCode 5.0, because iOS 7.0.2 and XCode 5.0.1 are a lot different (especially the way Instruments and Authorization internally works) than would be expected in a "dot" or "point" release, which is usually slated for unseen bugs or security fixes which do not require disruption to the previous upgrade.

Apple must have calculated the disruption that happened earlier this week and basically said: we don't care, because we are Apple, and you have to react to whatever we decide is going to happen.

It is clear that this was a message from Apple to it's development community: mobile is where most of the new product development is happening and we own this space, and you will do what we say and we will let you know information when we want to, and you will just have to scramble and deal with the consequences.

It was either disorganization or total arrogance, but I doubt it was the former. Apple is too smart for that.

I offer my never-ending Thanks and Appreciation to all of the 3rd party testing and development products that have to deal with Apple's arrogance in order to assist their respective communities in supporting the development of excellent and innovative products that help to sell iPhones and iPads because user want/need that app.


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